February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - WOO HOO!

Hey little sister what have you done.....

This week's list is so long I'll skip it to say that by 9:30 this am, I am caught up at work. My sister's valentine dilemma is solved, her Ipod is now working and she has memorized the basics on how to manage her tunes. My laundry is thawed AND dry. I've not eaten anything after 8pm all week.

Yesterday as my valentine's treat for myself (one advantage of singletonism is actually getting what you want), I signed up for some fake and bake as a cure for systemic lightlessness - great place actually, called Brown Sugar on Dewdney, couple of bonzer standups and this new hitech better faster machine ... great space, nice vibe, candles on the floor and an aromatherapist and masseuse on premise. Check it out ;)

And work - my ongoing nemesitical partner - is GREAT today. Projects wrapped, Newsletter off to publisher, and correspondence up to date and maybe a teensy weensy bit ahead. Cleared the in/out trays, did the weekly shredding (which hasn't been done since before christmas) and cleaned my desk. Rewrote my contact lists and will clean out the email before end of day.

And Seth my 7 almost 8 grandson is coming for a sleepover tonight. We'll have to figure something out for supper, then he'll want to do the recycling - he loves to wander in the basement hallways of my condo building. The building will be a hundred in 2014 so the basement is all warren-y. Most likely we'll play frustration, have a game of chess and watch a movie. Tomorrow we're off to Miss PJs bright and early to lend a hand fixing a door and do some vacuuming and maybe a bit of a tinker on the PC.

After Seth goes home I have 3 days off (except for some household chores I need to get done) . Saturday afternoon is Scrabble with the ladies at ye old pub, and I still have no idea what I will be taking to potlach at anarchy's later on the heart day!

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