February 22, 2009

stock taking

No it is not a new and improved version of Stock Ticker, nor it is an inventory for a retail outlet, or a really good deal in the market. It's what I need to do to help get myself out of the doldrums.

First, what's getting me down? Winter, other people going on faraway vacations to sunny beaches, the infernal saskatchewan dust - in the winter with all the windows closed (well except mine in my bedroom), being obese, my knee going wonky on and off, never finding exactly what it is I want to do, barely anything amusing on TV, not being able to find a carwash that is either working or doesn't have a line up a block long, chin hair, smoking, not doing what I now I should do for my own health and peace of mind, my dad getting sick again, other people that I love having crappy things happen to them, not finding my best tweezers, having to do my taxes.

Hmmmm... oh my life is SOOOOOOO hard. Sometimes I really have to wonder at myself. I think I'm having a hard time being grateful for the good time I'm living. What a whiny bitch I have become.

On the otherside of down, what keeps me up? Lots of truly great friends, a relatively stable family (it's all in the perspective), a good job doing work that I like with great people, I have lost over 30 pounds since January but I'm not sure where from, stand up tanning booths (my cure for light deprivation - just wish I'd done it sooner), a lovely little set of wheels that has given me some serious mobile freedom, my iPod, knock wood - no virii on my PCs, happy grandkids, Sat Scrabble with Team Mensa, aquacize when I don't talk myself out of it, a sugaring for leg hair removal.

Okay, I have to go cogitate on this a bit. cheers.


i am the diva said...

i love tanning booths in the winter.

dk said...

Et moi aussi ma petit fraise.

Schmutzie said...

30 pounds?!?! Wowza!

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