February 05, 2009


After work, which was better yesterday because I seem to at least have gotten a small handle on my desk, I was on my way to aquacize, my concerted effort to get healthier with Abigail twice a week. I had already missed Monday and found myself really looking forward to the pool and the hottub and sauna afterwards. Anyway - the Dakar and I were stopped at a stop sign on 15th, which still has some nasty partial rut ridges impeding steering control, when Dakar and I were not so gently nudged forward by another vehicle that did not stop quite - in - time.

AAARRGGHHHH! Not my Dakar... panic mode! But there she was, all in one peice, a little dirt scuffed off the bumper - all gouda. And the other car was fine too. But the driver - the one who hit me, not so good. Granted she had what looked like an expensive shiny car, but it was her front rubber bumper that pushed my plastic one and you couldn't even tell that she had smudged the dirt off hers - digression - but she was fussing and fideting and whatisissing ...

I was fine - no damage and I wanted to get going. I went to get the DL and Reg just for records sake and sop the woman's fears when I realized that they were in my back pack at home because I don't take anything of value with me to the pool. Not Good. So there I am searching my car that I keep too clean for a busines card with my info, and the pretty princess skirt for my bathing suit is waving in the wind out the bottom of my jacket because I put it on at home to save time once I get to the pool. Lovely.

After 45 minutes of trying to mollify the tizzy old woman, I gave her my number and left. Funny how I automatically drove to my dotter's (too late for class now) and collected some grandhugs. Then I had to apologize to Deb and Abigail because it never even entered my mind to let them know I was okay. Shame on me.

So this morning I'm a little stiff - but no stiffer than the day after aquacize or a day of Wii games. Mr. IBProfen and I know how to conquer that.

I guess I'm just bitter about the complete waste of time that women sucked out of my life.

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"today is a new day, so grab it by the balls and live the shit out of it." - Laura TheDiva.


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