July 01, 2007

canada d'eh!

camping was such a release. beautiful day and the weather dudes were completely wrong about their "severe thunderstorm warnings". watched the cutest new growth chipmunk try and find the peanuts we stashed in the woodpile. i lost the majority of the card games but i did have one that was awesome, the saving grace. slept better than a baby - for an entire 7 and a half hours - in a row - with only a slight recognition of consciousness when Lu made a trip out around 6 am. glorious morning, exactly warm enough with just a touch of the earth's breath to keep it fresh yet redolent with java deepness. absolutely did not want to leave. i do so love the quiet.

mournful ride home (very short) greeted by angus bodhi cat with a rumbling purr. stow the gear, find a snick snack munchie .. why look at that = it's my super soft feather bed and a fan to imitate the tropical breezes of belize ....

4 hours later i am trying to determine what page i was on when i drifted off to la la land missed supper time entirely, hmmmm ... basa all pepper buttery crispified with lemony rice and greens, juicy fresh cherryness to freshen the palate. tasty tasty.

holy crap! just about dropped my coffee - fireworks in the park, car horns and alarms blaring for blocks from the shock waves as they are launched. sounded like a wonderful display. for once the cat didn't freak out either, just kind of noted my response twitched his ears twice and went back to his gangster dreams. the new arrangement for the office popped into my head and i actually drew it out before i forgot. and i scrubbed the bathroom fixtures and did some dishes.

to top off an already good day, the kids brought the grands over for hugs and a quick chat after the park.

the only thing missing is a guiness.

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