July 30, 2007

life after vacation

so it went up to 37 and it felt like 42 with the humidity today. i wouldn't have known it if i hadn't gone outside for a smoke around 2pm. just missed the 3 sec rain shower, it was evaporating before it even hit the ground. thank the hundred little gods i'm a smoker or i would have missed all the excitement.

first day back. damn but i have a great boss. everything she could take care of she did (my first day back & now she's on holiday) got some new correspondence in along with the half dozen on my desk. gives me enough to do to keep busy yet not enough to make me dislike my job. like a canter. and the AC sure doesn't hurt. the day just flew past.

then it was off to the library with the 40 or so pounds of books i read the last few weeks and pick up a couple holds that were waiting, which was good cause i've gone through the others including the 4 books i bought. 2 blocks - holy sheepshit batman. i love the heat but i absolutely detest the humidity that's been hanging around. so much for that bermuda vacation ...

so tomorrow's going to be t'another steamer an' i ain't gonna worry none 'bout it cause i be inside my nice office building in ma cubicle with my LED fan sending fake jamaican breezes through my forever 8 year old hair.

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