July 06, 2007


the ladies auxillary discovered that we are all gangStars yestereve. mr upsidedown hat guy, he showed us we were representin in style n'all. . . ask crazyD she had us rollin, then add the ninja's dry wit and bitter accompaniments and the hilarity rolls on. needless to say it was a deckadance day. the ladies were called by osmosis to to yattle and prack and have decided we need a little pampering.

so it's gin & juice on the menu tonight, abby's bbq tomorrow and jo's bday sunday ... the heat is on, no really on. spent the day cleaning and fixin and launderin and now it's time to do some more yattle & prackin'

cheers mates

change is eternal ...

1 comment:

Abigail Road said...

I laughed so hard that night. I really needed it.

Thanks ladies!!!!

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