July 10, 2007


so I've been off work for 4 days, the temperature has hovered in the high 30s with the humidity or it's been raining for the last week, i spent way too much time in deck-adance last week and yet ... i'm quite the happy camper or maybe happy campy (depends on who you ask). so the attitude swings are gettin closer together and i'm a thinkin that the "change" is creepin' up upon me.


the only good thing will be the cessation of the plumbing leakage really, BUT the crap you have to put up with before that happens (for maybe 10 years), never mind the 37 years already invested makes the payoff at least as overpriced as the regina housing market ( there's a 420 sq ft condo in my building for $69,900!)

so it's rollercoaster time once again, been here before when my testosterone & adrenaline levels went wonky when i was around 29-32. mon to thurs happy & manic, friday mad panic, saturday chillin and sunday swillin'. monday was donnacake day, fairly laid back and calm and here it is tuesday good news day .... i guess that's how i roll! so for now i'll just have to try and figure out what my sine curve is and handle the side effects as they come. all my friends who see me as a positive influence ... heh heh heh ... might be in for a rude awakening, cos when i hit the bottom of that curve i am one nasty piece of work. not on purpose - shit just happens.

c'est la vie - saves me $200 bucks for the exhibition.

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