July 03, 2007

tuesday ...

up & at 'em early, gotta go to work today. went to get my yogurt and found that the fridge door had not been completely closed at some point late last nite, so though it was still refrigerated the items on the top shelf by the light (which comes on when the door is open) had become less than the desired chill. that would be my yogurt, tuna and half a pineapple none of which are good lukewarm.

...something had been tugging at the corners of my consciousness in the wee hours, and having gone to bed quite a bit earlier than usual I found myself quite wide awake around 5 am. so i took my dailies out to the deck to contemplate the morning and have a smoke and was contemplating the nasty roofwork on the opposite building when i realized that today a very good friend of mine is having her hysterectomy.

what amazed me was that though i empathize and truly wish that disease had not interrupted her path, i am more filled with thankfulness that it was found, diagnosed and today will be treated so that my friend will still be here, albeit not "all" here, but then again she is in some pretty good company :) (most of our crew aren't really "all" there)

once i realized what it was that had been nudging me to wakefulness i took a few moments and sent all the good vibes out into the ether for her to pick up and felt much better. sometimes it is the recognition of the changes life requires of yourself and your friends that provides a great foundation for your day.


Schmutzie said...

I'm on the other side of surgery! Yay! and Ouch!

wench said...

well you must be okay sweetie or you wouldn't be fussin with the PC!

glad glad glad glad glad glad you're ok.

love you

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