June 30, 2007


so why am i so blah?

i have a good life, the kids are workin it out, the grandkids are divine, my seesters and i are all talkin, the nieces & nephews added me to their facebook friends list, i get lots of emails & phonecalls & social invitations, and my daddy loves me.

it's like the doldrums, the ones dr. suess wrote about. everything seems humpy and lumpy making me frumpy & grumpy. but i cannot for the life of me put my finger on a particular reason for it. a perfect example is last weekend. by now y'all should know i have summer long weekends (off F, S Sn,M). was planning to go camping with Lu, but it fell through. no biggie right? I had 3 birthday parties friday night and 2 on saturday night, a birthday brunch sunday morning and an invitation to join a trivia team on sunday night. if i didn't know me i'd say that was a full card with fun & frivolity written in every square.

i stayed home. nothin' of any great importance to do there and nothin on TV, wasn't interested in any gaming ... didn't work on this graphic i was planning to. i did stop by the deck late Sat for a few pints. not there long but i did go for a lovely brunch on Sunday.

and then i stored this post ... on tuesday ... and was out every evening this week ... startin' to sound a little manic to me ... hmmmmm thought i got off that boat a few years ago.

okay so now it's late friday or early sat ... just caught up on the idol episodes i missed, did a bunch of stuff around the house, nothing really noticable just things that you note and don't get to. read 3 books this week and managed to get my work done too! and the laundry. very productive ... go dog go

cravin' the campin' and we're leavin' tomorrow, just a short trip but so's the trip to crazyland. get some air and some quiet heh heh and maybe some sleep too.

it's really weird, like head shakin' cross eyed face twitchin weird. busy but blah unless engaged in conversation. hmph.

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