June 13, 2007

Past Present Future Meme

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Flom
Last sentence(s) you said: "I might even find something useful at the trade show"
Last song you sang and when: "Cat Power - livin' in bars", reading Abby's blog
Last person you hugged: me, when I got up this am
Last person you laughed at: Rose when she told me to go back to work because I was making her laugh too much.
Last time you said I don't remember: the last time someone asked my age.
Last time you swore: at coffebreak when i stubbed my toe
Last person you talked to online: i blog and use email.

Present:What color socks are you wearing: socks? in June? are kidding me?
What's under your bed: perhaps angus bodhi cat. an antique suitcase full of jewellry. a filofiche with all my legal docs and taxes. a milkcrate full of shoes. a retro red travel case with hair accessories. a crate full of books. a big plastic box full of photo albums I have yet to scan. a bag with all the instruction manuals for all of the apliances in my home. a rubbermaid container with my 2nd wedding dress. As you can tell I have a lot of space under the bed. my sister and I built a box fram 3 ft high, double bed size and you can fit 6 large rubbermaid containers under it.
What time did you wake up today:the firstime 3 am:birds, 4:47 sirens, 6 I gave up & got up

Current taste: dark coffee
Current hair: short and sassy makes me feel like an 8 year old
Do you like someone: yes
Current worry: finish renovating my kitchen
Current hate: i do not hate anything. Currently despise: my feet
Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex: hands, eyes, smile, ass as it depends on whether they are coming or going
Last CD that you listened to? Billie Holiday: Lady in Satin
Favorite place to be right now: in the pool
Least favorite place to be right now: in debt
Play any instruments: the piano, used to play drums, bass guitar and the comb, play one song on the tenor sax and the flute, and could make noise on the bagpipes.
Do you believe in an afterlife: how about transformation through the cycle of lives?
Current favorite word/saying: I will.
Favorite book: this week I'm back into the Valdemar series by Lackey and this curmedgeon of a book titled "cunt", in an attempt to reduce not get rid of my sensitivity to that word. it's very very hard to read.
One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my mom

Are you going to have the white picket fence and the whole bit?: hahahahahaha !
How many kids do you want: given the day - fewer than I have?
If your dreams could come true, what would your lifetime career be?: a student with an unlimited inheritance


Abigail Road said...

Still working on the cunt book eh? Is it at least interesting?

wench said...

actually it is, and it doesn't make me as angry as it did in the beginning. i'm sure i'll be able to put my finger on it once I read the hole thing... heh heh heh

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