June 05, 2007

holy crap it's June!

and May whizzed past me ...

I realized today that I had not posted anything for what - 10 days ... i must have been busy?

well i participated in a Covey training course, 7 habits of highly effective people. it was 3 days long. and like many systems that work it is built upon a foundation of positivity, relationships and vision. alot like "the secret", with a touch of the Celestine Prophecy based on the Golden Rule.

it was good. the best part was the profile analysis. 2 weeks before the course we had to do a survey, then have our boss/supervisor and 4 peers fill out the same survey. the questions covered a wide variety of "I can ..." or "I need to work on..." or I am..." and then they analyze all the data and present it as a profile, which allows view of where you gauge your own abilities versus how other people see you. it was quite enlightening actually.

i found that i judge myself far more harshly than others do, and that others really didn't have anything to criticize except that i tend to put myself (health) at risk in order to complete tasks i have given my word i'd help with. so i get things done but i tend to over stretch myself. so this weekend i planned to just chill out and recuperate from the mental and emotional barrage of the week past (i got to hang out with some friends i hadn't seen in a while - it was great) ...

... when i realized it was the grandson's birthday party and mehendi for the dancing girls (Autumn, Mazi & Maya) and that i had already made commitments to several other things ... no rest for the wicked.

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