May 11, 2007


what a glorious week! I only had to work 2 1/2 days, I had union training (learning about arbitration ins and outs) and met some new members of my largest extended family and caught up with others. tuesday evening the angels at the gates of heaven must have been gettin' down with their bad selves by the number of pinters that showed up for deck-adence, even a few souls who've been on sojourn arrived to partake in the festivities. now i'm not complaining about the weather - i adore the sun and the heat - but it is now the season where my guinny gets warm before i'm done so it's time to switch to bombay and lime as the nectar of choice.

glorious Ra beat down on wednesday and an afternoon in the park discussing elliott kicked the braincase back into gear while searing the tender deadfish white flesh a brilliant scarlett - especially my forehead, tightness the next day, not too much pain and here it is friday and it's lookin' pretty tanned.

planning vacation days - and i only have one 4 day week this month, then not another until mid august. much rather have 4 day weekends most of the summer and then a couple of solid weeks off. the air conditioning at work is always a midweek refresher!

my son sent me a note today about the Dalai Lama. Apparently he is considering retirement in the next few years. he's 71 now, so one can hardly blame him. his successor was 6 when he was chosen (may have been under house arrest since 1995). how do you retire from being one of the great compassionate lights in the world? how does one put off the mantle of goodness and harmony and care that is rooted in self to retire? or maybe he is simply retiring from the public and administrative duties required as head of state of Tibet in exile. it certainly makes the point that time is passing faster than we know. in 2009 the Dalai will have lived exiled from his heartland for 50 years. he carries it in his heart wherever he goes.

well enough for now, coffee break is over. looking forward to visiting with my sister after work and then off to Regina Beach for Lori's store opening on the morrow.

cheers and have a VUNDERBAR weekend

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