May 04, 2007

9 days to Mday

well the way things are going these days, i'm not likely to be winning any mother of the year awards - maybe MF of the year ... who knows. here's the deal. before you have children realize that everytime you tell them no you will feel bad and they will be angry. if you do not tell them no you will feel worse and they will still be pissed at you because you did not give them the tools to deal with reality. it's a lose lose. so if you cannot suck it up - do not have children.

and when you get through the teens and think you see the light at the end of the tunnel hahahahahahahahahaha - yeah right.

and if you have more than one child, you will just get the relationship on an even keel with 1 child and something will upset the applecart regarding the other. i do not even want to contemplate having to juggle 3. i stopped at 2, in a moment of enlightened self preservation.

mind you, this is all coming from a woman who needs to fix things, make it all better, help them along and i am sure that a goodly portion of this angst i helped to create. doesn't matter. i still don't like being made to feel that a situation is MY fault when all of the causal effects had everything to do with choices that person made for themselves, but i do feel badly and it makes me sick at heart.

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