May 01, 2007

abigail's interview ?s

Abigail has an inside track on 5 question interviews for bloggers ... here's my 5.

1.Who would you consider the greatest love of your life?
Hmmm – now I have to determine what “the greatest” means as in inspiration, good for me, most intense, happiest, most fulfilling, best learning experience, or longest lasting … Who made up this question???
Inspirational would be my mom.
Most intense Chris Dyer when I was 13.
Happiest would be me.
Most fulfilling my children and grands.
Good for me would be the sugarman.
Best Learning experience would need to encompass all the longterm relationships I’ve had because they all taught me what not to do next time. That would make it GlenRickLorneDaveJohnMike.
Longest lasting would be my great love affair with music.

2. If you could party with any rock star, living or dead, who would it be?
A date is two people, a party takes three – so I would choose Bowie and Zappa. can you freaking imagine .... oh the trouble i've seen .......

3. Where are you happiest? on the deck or with the grands. it's a win-win, either way i'm with my friends.

4. What is your morning routine?
Wake up, stretch, thank the hundred little gods that I’m still moving – or not, listen to the noises, look at the clock, feed cat, take meds with juice, eat yogurt, wet & scrunch hair, check email and awaaay we go

5. Is there a fictional character in literature that you really identify with?
There aren’t many that don’t vibrate with me somewhere, or else I wouldn’t be such a voracious reader. the tasmanian devil ... perhaps eugenie, the marsellaise french waif who married the marechale who was adopted and made King of Sweden, and all of the heroines from the torrid historical fantasy novels that are just so much trash and suck you right into them. especially piratical wenches, and tawdry wenches, and the great amereuses' (kept in wealth wenches) of Louis 14th & 15th era. like that.

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i am the diva said...

oh my lord, could you even BEGIN to imagine what partying with Zappa and Bowie would have been like??? That's like a good time on wheels with a crazy horn section and a voice that makes your loins quiver... good times.

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