May 14, 2007

monday file ...

Saturday was a whirlwind of get it done. out to the Beach early for "Rudy's" grand opening. great little shop run by my friend Lori. great photographer that i am i didn't want to miss the chance to snap some pics of her tres cool wares. and lo and behold - every picture i took, there was like a 6 second delay before the flash went off and they were all fuzzy and out of focus - splttt! so i tried to figure out what button i had pushed on my expensive but now useless toy - and could i find it. no! however later that night i looked at the stupid thing (the camera) and realized that the main dial was set to AV mode not picture mode. i bet i checked every setting on the blasted thing except that one. figures. i had been murphinated.

then it was lunch with Lu and grocery getting followed by another dk attempt to haul all the groceries up the narrow opengrill fire escape ... now that's when i needed the AV mode ... cussing and swearing and banged my nee on the stair rail, and i STILL forgot the thrice bedamned coffee filters. ENOUGH I SAY! the voices are calling ....

and off to the deck i go. beauty day - a little wind but c'mon - this is the canadian prairie and it's good to keep the squitos at bay. some pints and a mutilated attempt at a croosword and it was off to Darrel & Jill's for BBQ. You should see the new barby - HUGE all stainless steel, there must be almost 5 sq feet of grill with a funky little side burner - and it's so shiny - beautiful - I just wanted to get a cloth and polish it till it sparkled, pretty as new chrome on a 57 chev. and the food was good too! great company and a chillaxin' evenin'. new friends & old and the kids with the marshmallows were a howl!

spent sunday am sorting some pics and wrestling with the ^$##@##%#%$# printer.
read a bit on the deck and then it was of to ACDS's for dindin which the boys (Chris & Mur) made - apparently mostly Chris. tasty tasty too! then back home to relax and crash by 9:30.

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