May 15, 2007

ageism ...

how many other adults over the age of 30 are generally pissed at these little twenty somethings that have decided that this is "their" world and that we should just get out of their way? i am sick of sketchy little brats just barely out of diapers telling me i am too old to be in a particular bar or to be participating at a particular party.

i have a right to enjoy myself any damn place i want to. if i want to dance all bloody night then go ME! they can take their disrespectful uptight prepubescent narrow minded attitudes and F@#$ right off. stupid bints.

too old ~ my ass. i'd like to see them try& keep up.

i have to go for a walk now. aaarrrggghhhh!


Abigail Road said...

For the record, I have a hard time keeping up with you! LOL

And who the fuck cares about how old someone is? My whole life, I've had friends who were years younger, years older than I, and age never factored into our friendship. If you click, you click.

And to all the little ones who think you're too old for anything...well a big f-finger to them!

wench said...


well thank you sister, but i would never class you with the rest of the brat pack - you have a very good brain - and you make me kaugh!.

love ya


Schmutzie said...

Was someone mean to you? Is this what prompted this? 'Cause I could do some ass-kicking for you.

wench said...

if i could remeber what they look like aside from unprepossessing little turds I'd take you up on it sister.

i'm fine now ... well as close to as I'll ever be :)

nice to know someone's got my back ... heh heh heh

big hugs

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