May 22, 2007

anger ...

some anger is healthy, some is avoidable and some just smacks you upside the head and will not let you let go. now i am a relatively well balanced individual (except for a few obsessive/compulsive tendencies that i usually manage to keep in check) but it continues to amaze me that after 4 decades of dealing with the cycles of life I still get so fucking angry when horrible things happen to the most brilliant people. and it is inevitably something i can do absolutely nothing to stop/fix/help.

cancer is an insidious evil that chooses its victims willy nilly with no ryhme nor reason. in my experience it often gets the best first. and we the observers can mouth platitudes and pat shoulders, it just doesn't matter, we are helpless to help our friend, who in the end must come to their own terms with the great evil. what is worse is that it is inside them and they can not get away from it. there it is staring out at them through the mirror, their body a traitor.

so what can i do? i have never found a satifactory answer except let them know i love them and then give them enough supportive space to find some acceptance. i can also not bring it up unless they do. the big C scares us all because we are all susceptible. we need to remember that our fear is nothing compared to abyss along whose edge our friend is treading.


Abigail Road said...

Isn't that just they way it is though? Wonderful, brilliant people go through all the hard things in life, and the assholes just sail on through without a care in the world.
But maybe, it's all the tough times that the good people live through, that make them so damn good.

wench said...

or maybe the assholes are just a waste of breath ... yee gods, what's with the bitterness this week? you'd think I was eating turnips or something. let it go girl ... thanks abby. see you soon.

Schmutzie said...

Love is all you can do. And also get that goddammed cancer cut out post haste, which I am going to do. Thanks for being you.

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