January 21, 2010

wasted away again in Margueritaville

Tuesday was long and glorious and hot and juicy with no siesta. Up at 7 for a dip in the ocean, then brekky with the crew while I sang a duet with the chef on the breakfast line (killing me softly) and off to the pool bar until 2 or so. New friends Carey & Beth have now been consecrated honorary Canucks because they can keep up. Carey says it's because his cologne is called Canadian Mist and it attracts us - though we have explained that as the obnoxious American at the pool bar he was attracted to us polite Canadians, HUGE roar at the bar when we explained that we were from the city that rhymed with fun - especially from the Aussies and Netherlanders. They were still laughing at the tonight.
Did a bit of net stuff and still haven't managed to catch the dotter online when I was. The people here are so great that when Minda went to buy a phone card to call her kids - the girl at the desk gave Minda her cell phone and told her to use it. The girls cleaning my room have left flowers and towel sculpture everyday, and thes has been nothing but smiles from the staff, They sing ALOT - at the bar, on the cookline, doing landscaping, and are constantly asking the guests to sing along - good bad or indifferent all voices are welcome. The bartenders in the lobby lounge were making patrons sing for drinks Tuesday - what a riot! Instant karaoke.
Kory |Brenda and I went to Shadow's, the steakhouse here - after swilling some scotch - my steak was exactly as ordered with fresh bread and humongous prawns in hot sauce,,,, then it was off to the circus show with Minda Dave Carey and Beth. Many maitais later I was wandering back home when the BT at the lounge bar stopped me to sing to me = hilarious. With a blue mountain coffee and Bailey's it was time to crash.

Wed morning - for reasons unknown to me, my alarm clock went off at 6am. WTF - I smacked the clock and the next thing I knew it was 10am. Trucked quickly through my ablutions and met the peeps in the lobby so I could meet our driver Doc. Then off to Luigi's for continental breakfast while Kory and Brenda did some shoe and cigar shopping (bren's flipflops had cracked while we were at the airport and her secondary pair weren't cutting it with the amount of walking we were doing). Off to the ocean for another swim for me and then met Carey & Beth at 2 so Doc could drive us to Jimmy Buffet's Margueritaville. What a gong show - singing on the beach, gigantic inner tube trampolines out in the ocean, and water so clear you could count the hairs on your toes if you had any.
Kory had all the waitresses smiling and our participation in the beach party shenanigans resulted in shots all around for the Canadian contingent. Trevor, Doc's friend joined us and chased the peanut man down on the beach for us. Great tuneage, some dancing a wicked funny contest for the sexiest Canadian man there and a live reggae band with sand dancing. They also had a fire eater who walked/laid on hunks of broken glass while carrying or being walked upon by a few of the other ladies there.
Having reached the point where everyone had achieved drumky pants status, Doc and Trevor returned us to the RIU and we all went for supper. MMMM roast turkey, smashed tatoes, chicken ragout and tilapi.
9:30 and I am done in.
Catch you in a couple of days. Still no sunburns or falling down and my feet have NOT swollen up at all from the humidity. YAY!!!!
Tomorrow is a resort day with Rick's on Friday and a trip into the back country on |Saturday with Doc.
Love y'all.


KeishaMama said...

sounds so awesome and I am mucho jealous! LOL Hope it gets better and better!!!

i am the diva said...

amazing!! sounds like so much fun!

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