January 25, 2010

not so manic monday

Sun Day 8
Goodbye hello bittersweet day Biff Minda and Super Dave were to be leaving before lunch and Rod Collette Brandon, "Not Ernie" and Julie and their English friends were to arrive around supper. Unfortunately for those living in Saskabush one of the worst snow laden storms in over 10 years (some say 40) decided to interfere in travel plans. Horizontal winds up to 60k with snow and a snowfall of what looks to be 3 feet or so lashed the prairies and flights were delayed for 18+ hours.Not a great thing for those waiting to escape the tundra flatlands and almost worse for our friends waiting to leave. First it was "delayed" so I thought they crew were off to watch the Jets game - only to find out after waiting with no room (already checked out) that the flight wouldn't be leaving until the next bloody day. It took until after 5 to get them back into a room again so they had somewhere to sleep until their early morning 6:30am trip back to Montego Bay and the airport, so they could fly out around 10:30 or so. Apparently, the lines etc at customs on your way OUT take a lot of even island time.
So I spent the afternoon in the pool- blissfully unaware of the change in plans, hanging with the Brit crew and happily met up with Kory, \Bren, Minda & Dave at supper in the garden.Sure it was great they got a few extra hours in paradise but that's really frustrating once you've psyched yourself up to leave and then spend 8 hours with delays and vagaries messing up your plans. Then Minda didn't even get a last serving of green (pistachio) ice cream.- Boo. They headed off to early siesta since they had to be up before dawn to fly home, and |Bren & Kory and I had a few cocktails in the lounge, and it was naptime for them as well. I had a few drinks with Steph and Stew, and Liverpool Dave then wandered down to the beach party. Munchy bits, jerk chicken, dancing in the sand and some great singing with the torchlight reflecting of the water and the live reggae band echoing across the bay. I danced and played on the beach until the magic hour and two stepped my way up the beach to my place. Slept like the proverbial log, or a drunken monkey. Which by the way, is a tasty frosty poolside treat.

dawned hot and lovely. It's my dotter's 30th bday, Robbie Burns day, and Abigail's born day too - all rolled into one. To top it off Regina had a snow day with schools and even the University closed because of the amount of snow that was dumped yesterday and overnight. I slept in until 7am so I missed saying goodbye, grabbed some shopping goods that Kory hauled back to their room last night for me, and it was off to another delicious breakfast.We found out that the flight from |Regina with our other friends had left around 3:30 am, so we adjourned to the pool to await their arrival shortly after lunch. Hanging with the crowd from Wisconsin and Yanike & Lunick pouring like there's no tomorrow we were fairly drunky pantsed by the time the magic bus rolled in. While they were finding their rooms and strippiong out of the travel gear I got a chance to sing happy birthday to Amanda and say hi to the kidlets and get the down low on her birthday party which I am sad to have missed. Then it was back to the pool for some more hilarity, where we also met Kory & Brenda's neighbours from 3 doors down in Regina. Such a tiny world. So now I;m dressed for supper at the steakhouse at 9, and we're all meeting back at the lounge around 8 for pre dinner cocktails. Gives everyone a chance to freshen up and maybe have a wee rest before the welcome celebration REALLY kicks in;) There will be 11 of us for supper this evening, then maybe take in the floor show.

I am so unbelievably happy that I did not have to go home today. I just hope Minda and Dave got home in one piece and have enough time to get their work done before Friday, because they are going to Miami for the Pro Bowl.

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