January 14, 2010

down to the wire

in 3 days from right now I will be in Montego Bay. With or without the last sewing project completed. I was just looking at my to do list and though the older items are gone I seem to keep adding more crap. I finally found some bottles that should work for smaller amounts of shampoo etc - and I've taken out a sundress and a heavier pair of capris but I'm still edging the weight allowance for checked baggage... sheesh.

Electronics are charged and packed, US$ purchased, passport and ID ready. I do have to print out a copy of my new tickets though because yesterday I realized they had me listed as Mr. not Ms. Apparently it is important when traveling to other countries that your tickets match your passport.

Pixx added some glorious sun streaks to my hair last night and gave me an awesome padi - still have to do my manicure but that's something to do in the middle of the night Saturday when I can't sleep because i AM so exciTed!!!

So I have one sewing project left, drop off bday cards and present for Viv tomorrow, pick up a present for my daughter who will turn 30, and her partner who's 36? this year - while I'm gone. Drop off Kory's USB DVD - wash my hair, go for a last fake bake, shave the legs for the smooth beachy look, see the boy on Saturday for coffee and meet the dude I'm picking up the rasta hat for. Hug the grands, call my dad, and then Chris will be here to pick me up at 5:45 am on Sunday.

Holy crap - better get going.

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