January 19, 2010

Day 2

We decided today was resort day to get to know where everything was. Up early and wandering around. We all met in the lounge for breakfast - oh my god. Shirred eggs and rolled salmon, french toast or croisants, bacon, omelettes - take your pick.... and salady stuff to make me happy. With Blue Mountain coffee - I'm in love. Tried to egt on the net - wireless worked but the battery died right away??? Whwn I got back to the room I found that though the charger WAS plugged in the connection between the adapter box and the wire to the pc wasn't - so it had been running on battery all night long. Reconnected and plugged in - to try again later,

Then it was off to open the pool bar -> Mai Tais, Miami Vices and Mango Daquaris - until noonish and it was off to the jerk chicken/crry seafood rice and we girls made a picnic of it on the beach. I was getting a little pink so I headed for a short siesta and sorted through the pics. 4 oclock sow me in the ocean ... I could live here. and off to lounge to find the rest of the degenerates for more blue mountain and Bailey's. We have apparently made some friends as most of the staff stopped to say hi and we gathered more than a few hugs. We lost Minda and Dave - they ended up at the pool bar all afternoon and finally caught up with us at 7 when we headed out for supper. Got some carving pics for Murray and supper was divine. Roast lamb, grilled turkey, curried chicken and more catfish, saefood gnocci, greens and tomatoes, and no room for dessert ;)

The Colliseum bar was our next destination - got the wireless working but crackbook would not upload the pics so I'll have to try again in the am. Left some messages for those at home and sat back to enjoy live reggae, contortionists, fire eaters, gymnasts, trapeze artists and some really terrific juigglers. Many Mai Tais and several new friends later it was time to wander back to the digs to catch some shut eye. Sounds like we'll be doing Margueritaville on Wednesday for their Reggae night.

Tomorrow it'll be upload, brekky, ocean, poolbar, siesta and then whatever comes our way.

It seems that island time was my time all along. Miss y'all but am I having a phenomenal time? Yes, yes I am.

The rum's done so it's Nighty night.

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