January 28, 2010


Tues: Up late last night carousing and up early for breakfast with our much enlarged crew. Rod & Collette's son Brandon is hilarious. Quite the kid. Everyone was off to the beach but I wanted to get the rest of the pics posted so I was working on the netbook and the magic bailey's and java arrived. Have said how much I love this place? I know that it's my first real vacation and a bit posh - I really must do this every year if I can. Anyway, around lunch time Rod & Brandon showed up and I was still plugging away when I realized the magic java had surreptitiously kept me from the beach all morning so I packed up the gear and headed for the beach.
What a blast - everyone had frosties, we parked ourselves between the beach bar and the ocean. Snorkeling and singing paddling in the ocean and catching some rays - I missed the beach party at lunch time - and it was Bs turn to be miss drunky pants. Julie and I went and got our hair braided. There's a story. We both got two rows of braids on the underside of the back so it's only partly touristy. But let me tell you - man is it cooler and since I have lost all control of my hair I certainly appreciate it. I've started to take pictures of the men who want to be my "Jamaican boyfriend", this place sure is good for the ego - buffet. The beach is the most common place with all the local guys running boats for snorkeling and sight seeing, and the seadoos and parasailing. You hear the stories but the reality is so much MORE. Decisions decisions ;)
We all got dressed for supper and went to the Michael Jackson show outside the Colliseum. There was a pretty long wait, but ultimately worth it. My pics are crap though because we were to far for my camera. C'est la vie. Popped into the disco after the show - deja vu - images from the candy cane 30 years ago. too funny and a good time.

Wed: Lots of sun yesterday, and most of the crew is going on the tour to Ochos Rios to see the dolphins and Dunns River falls. Instead of going on the booze cruise catamaran A local fisherman took me all over Bloody Bay - where our resort is and up 7 mile beach. Being out on the open ocean was tremendous. The sea swell wasn't too great when we left but it was getting fair choppy on our return. We were out for about 5 hours up and down the coastline, then we cut over to the island where we had live lobsters cracked and grilled over an open fire with chunks of garlic and melted butter - to absolutely die for.Got some GREAT SHOTS - too rough to snorkel the reef today though. One of the smaller catamarans some tourists had out tipped right over and dumped the couple in the drink right by the island so the guys hauled them in and grounded the boat and called for someone to pick them up and take the boat back. The girl was pretty banged up - bruises, and a couple of cuts on her face - but will be okay once she's not so shocky. Off the resort for the evening adventuring in Orange Bay, Green Island, Prospect with a local - met HUGE numbers of people and went to the Cliffs Happy Wednesday Party - outdoor bar for locals, dj's dance music and a great freaking time though \I did not see another Caucasian anywhere, and yet I fit right in.

Thurs: got back to the resort around 10 am, quick change and we all hit negril town for shopextravaganza, a stop at Charlie's bar and the crafty market and then on to Margueritaville for food and a dip in the ocean. More great sunset shots. More later.

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