October 01, 2007

WTF - it's monday already?

after a 5 day week that was just go gadget go - it really shouldn't have surprised me that there was a fraturday nite abourning in this last weekend of September. the ladies auxilliary was out in full force - and some of the members we hadn't seen in a while also arrived: like crazy d and madame cucaracha (they have had WAY too much to deal with for frivolity lately) whom I've missed the past 2 weeks. I hadn't seen miss engaged and handsfull Joe for awhile either and palinode was looking almost happy (he finally has a date for his back surgery - light at the end of the tunnel) and the schmutz was the camera meister for the evening. the sheriff had his happy on and 4degreedan got in his share of riposites. darjill were discussing shrek possibilities for hallowed eve costumes. debpet stopped by for a pint before the fafard opening & pocket buddha and knuckletoes are always good for an anecdote or two. so many of the crew stopped by for a hug and a kiss or a giggle or two ~ boisterous behaviour and many many belly laughs filled the autumnal air and the weather was just freakin great! we patio partied into the wee hours until abby, the heinman, prettygirl and myself decided to top the night off with the traditional sidetrip to Trif's and munchout before crashtime.
saturday morning and 7 am and why the hell am i up and at 'em already? oh yeah right - it's cleaning day. blechhh - meh - fah - ptui (all not considered words in scrabulous) but it needed to be done. oh and laundry too (joy joy joy joy down in my heart). home d'kockaleekie soup (add real chicken celery onions garlic & potatoes to Lipton's chicken noodle) a quick trip to the store and it was a stay at home day but I did spend close to 5 hours playing scrabble with many many people, finished 2 books, caught up on Ugly Betty and Dancing with the Stars and finally watched the Bourne Ultimatum.
sunday - i was awake before 7 - but pushed angus bodhi cat off my head (he licks my eyelid to wake me up when HE thinks he should be fed) and decided to try and stay asleep a little longer. then the phone rang around 8 - a wake up call for the boy - and i pulled the blankies over my head and tried to ignore the world. bah humbug. not more than 45 minutes later i was up and moving. puttering and muttering, phone calls and family thanksgiving arrangements and then it was off to visit the grands (my daughter Amanda makes family dinner every sunday and I try and be there at least once a month) i took my much vaunted favorite Dr Sueuss books the library had ordered for me "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins", and Bartholomew & the Oobleck." the grands were not as impressed as i was. devi(7) enjoyed them far more than seth (6) and we played the piano and dinner was scrumptious roast chicken with smashed potatoes and kernel corn and REAL gravy.... treats for dk. then the chris whomped me at scrabble - twice. and of course it was then the "let's kick dk's ass realtime" evening in scrabulous because Chedly took me out 3 times and Ach'tung just slayed me twice - yet did i give up - of course not - for me it's all about the playing - remember - i will always be 8 years old :)


Paige Stanton said...

Seems like it was a stay at home weekend all around, just to get things done. I did all of that and more as well, only I played Yahtzee instead of Scrabble. And kicked some ass I might add, 5 Yahtzee's in three games! You need those days sometimes.

wench said...

heya paige - how are you doing way out there? i do hope you're having the time of your life. i would love the opportunity to do something similar but they don't usually want teachers over 30 :)
take care of yourslef lady!

savia said...

Well, you know you'll always be able to kick my ass in Scrabulous...

i am the diva said...

Someday i hope to attend an auxilary meeting.... as the St'oon chapter and all....mayhaps this wednesday....

Schmutzie said...

That was a fabulous night. Have seen the pictures I took?

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