October 23, 2007

almost a week ..

i just realized this morning that I have not posted a thing since last wednesday. social buterfly that i am, I have been quite busy flitting here and there. Last Wednesday saw an out of town visitor, my friend Jo (abigail's mom) join us down at the pub which is always a good time (see the pics on crackbook) and as fate would have it the last of the deck days (now we know for sure that winter will be arriving shortly). a fairly huge chunk of the crew showed up some time during the evening and silliness ans smiles were the order of the evening. Thursday I had a lunch date with some friends that don't get together very often and it was like all the time between, just didn't happen except that sassyB is better than his hotness from 10 years ago and Liberty Boy is now an old married man. Thusday nite was a catch up at home, watch Ugly Betty, and deal with the sad revelation that iI have not been able to lay my hands on an essential part of my planned hallowe'en costume (it'll have to be next year I guess), so it was get the alternative ready to go and a knotting and a sewing the dreads we be... and of course catch up on my scrabulous games while sorting pictures and doing backups from the laptop. up quite late on the computer since my DO was Friday.

Friday was clean my room, do my laundry, charge the camera, get a bday card and get my ass down to the pub by 4 to save a table for my nephew Mason's 19th bday party. with no deck (took down on thursday when we weren't looking) i had forgotten how full the pub would be. I found one little table fr 4 way off inthe back where i cannot see who is coming in but managed within about 20 minutes a move to the front of the pub with a table for 6, 8 if we crowd the chairs. the problem started when more people than i had originally anticipated showed up - like 5 more - and I had sort of known they might be coming but never had confirmation - but it's our pub and a lovelier bunch of people you've simply not met. there were 2 gents sitting at the big lugnut table (seats 12-20 depending on how tight we squish 'em) so I asked them if they would mind switching and just like that - problem solved. it was quite the party, by 10 i sat midpoint in table and there was my family on the right side and my friends on the left and me, in proverbial pint heaven. i took scads of pics, some of which I haveposted on crackbook already, most of which are processed.

and then it was Saturday morning, and i was starting to drag my but a bit but it was up and at em nonetheless. finish the laundry clean the bathroom, touch up the graffiti covering, Peter and an unmotivated Deb came over after lunch and Peter installed the new office light fixture for me - though I did not have the correct lightbulbs - of course. then we realized that the fixture that I had picked out for the kitchen (second one) had the wrong sized base - so much for that, and Deb decided that she wants to put her fixture up in the bedroom so there was nothing to do there either. I will be making another to trip to HD to return, replace and pick up alternates and a new dimmer switch some time this week. then it was call the girls I haven't seen all week and chat with the grands, grab a quick bite to eat and get ready for a little karaoke at Bubba's with Kory and crew. too funny - Bren runs the karaoke and most of us are too chicken to sing, but we have a great time together and when the dance music comes on we're shakers and movers.

Sunday Steph and Hayden came and picked me up for a java at the Orange Cafe. ye gods but Hayden is one happy bouncy little bundle of joy! the perpetual motion machine with a giggle that lights up the whole room! he gets this one look - just the most mischievious little devil, and looks just like his dad. then we went for groceries at the local Safeway. I was absolutely ecstatic that I got out of there for under $150 and Steph was a doll and gave me a hand hauling the goods up the stairs since Mur had to go to work waaaay early that morning. clena the fridge, etc put stuff away, cook up some basa poi and get ready for supper with the grands, but that got cancelled so I tracked down some other people I hadn't been in touch with for a week or so and caught up with them and decided it was time to wash the bedding etc. finished up sewing the belly dancing veils, gathered up the library books to return tomorrow and attemted to go to bed early. hah! sstupid freakin nightmares... ah well.

and then it was Monday and happy to be back at work (sounds crazy I know - but really) only to find that the usual weekend influx had slowed to a trickle giving me a chance to catch up on a few other things! talked to the grands, caught up with the daughter, ratted on one of my best friend's son, tasty supper, dancin with the stars and slept like a baby last night YAYAYAYAYA! up at 5am today. in early to work, doctor tomorrow to see about the knee and my birthday is in 4 more sleeps.


Abigail Road said...

I almost cried when i saw that the deck was down.....and it's still so nice out! Boo-urns to that! Like if it was snowing, I could understand.

wench said...

especially since it is going up to 24 today .... heavy sigh ... no dollars for pints. waiting for Saturday ;)

Abigail Road said...

I don't even want to go anywhere that I have to sit inside if it's this warm out. I'd rather sit in my backyard. Wait....Bodega has a deck....

wench said...

i think i'll sit on mine and read a good book after a crazy run to home de-pot.

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