October 08, 2007

monday off

a festive fraturday night to catch up with the fraterfamilia with many toasts to Alexander Keith's 212th birthday. much frivolity, some really tasty canapes ond horse doovers, green antlers and glow in the dark necklaces, a walking camo-man and a portable kissing booth care of smilin joe.

saturday was a quick trip to the pub to retrieve my elephant only to find that someone also found a hippopotamus by the bar. a quick pint with the boyos and back to the house to do laundry and spend waaay too much time on the crackbook. watch a movie, run the antivirus, charge the camera battery - you know ...

so the trip to moose jaw went well except for the faceplant my 6 year old grandson did from the back of the gator. they hit a bump in grasshopper lane and seth was launched like a piece of popcorn out of a popper. glad they were on the grass and not the tarmac. it was heart in mouth time - let me tell you. he must of hit with the shoulder and chest then bounced sort of somersaulty to head and tailbone. picked the grass out of his hair then a trip to the hospital to be sure nothing was broken with, a refreshingly quick response by the emergency team - less than 2 hours - REALLY. nothing broken, but bruising all down his right side, a small bump on his head and some minor scrapes and abrasions none worth a bandaid, but he's going to be sore for a couple of days poor little bugger. not quite as scary as when my son fell out of the back of his grandma's moving station wagon (about the same age) and into 9th avenue north. the difference being that my son opened the back door of the wagon himself - and just happened to be driving the gator.

so it's back to the regular weekend chores today and brunch with my friend PJ shortly.

happy turkey lurkey day


Schmutzie said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Abigail Road said...

Mmmmm....turkey. I wish.

Sounds like I missed a good time on Friday.

wench said...

ah be we got toasted for you abby girl!

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