October 30, 2007

knights of knee

as many of you may know my knee has gone rather wonky over the last year or so. sometimes it stiffens up and won't bend, or it feels like it's going to collapse when i step on it, and then it makes it hard to do stairs ... and then it will be fine. completely freakin' random. in fact, there have been occasions where i went out and danced so much my feet hurt the next morning but the knee was fine ?

so i got xrayed and saw the doc and now i am waiting to heear when i will see the orthopedic surgeon - no biggy - in out and done - local anesthetic even.

so there is a foreign body in my knee - no mensicus tear (that's the cartilidge that acts as the buffer between the bones) the doctoro figures its a piece od calsium growth that has broken of or a hunk of cartelidge of unknown origin as there are no visible tears that may have produced it.

so I called the Dr. Babar's office today to find out when my appointment will be - and the receptionist tells me - they'll contact me in about 10 months ....... WTF!
however, instead of losing my mind and letting the lips take over, i took a breath and asked if she knew of any other surgeons that might have a shorter wait time. Yes! She suggested Dr. Rodwan whose waiting list is only a few months - much more handlable. So now it's back to the family doctoro to get a different referral to this ither doctor who can see me in 2-3 months, though that does not even begin to address when the actual surgery might be.

thank the hundred little gods (and pj and my dad) that i take responsibility for my own health care.

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