October 05, 2007

past & passed

mongol brought his new (last october) wife over for a java last night. she's wonderful and he's a very lucky man. he has 26 guns now and wants to buy a harley which the voice of reason has kiboshed until the little niggles are all caught up (brilliant girl). i missed my little brother - heartwise - we've known each other for 20 years and he is amazed that little amanda has 2 schoolage children. he remembers my phone number without having used it in 3 or 4 years and he came bearing gifts - snow goose - mmmm nummy.

time passed but the connections are timeless - here - now. we looked at pictures to try and make sense of who the crew were and how they got to who they are now. i forgot to take one of them. they seem comfortable and happy. we spoke of the past, and people who had passed through our lives, leaving impressions and continuing on their way. it raised some ghosts for me.

sheila what happened to you? curtis are you still hermitizing in some spitandyoumissit flatlands burgh? brotherB are you still breathing? fortney - answer your thrice bedamned phone. keppel i lost your number in quebec and i have no idea what name your number is registered under. cora lynn you got married and i don't know your married name. brenda did you ever have any kids? shelley p - how are you and the baby girl/toddler doin? sweet cherry, how many grandkids do you have now and are you still in brandon? jen-girl, out on the coast i so hope you are happy. yvonne i hope you stayed out of jail this time. glen did you stay in the forces? mr. sinclair i hope you ended up married to someone you deserved. sugarman i still miss you. mike i release you and dave i forgive you, you poor bastard.

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Abigail Road said...

It's amazing how easy it is to lose track of people. But, it's also amazing when you sit down with someone who you haven't seen in forever and a day, and it feels like yesterday, because that connection is still there.

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