March 25, 2011

12 more sleeps

Alrighty then. The back has loosened up and seems to be healing in record time. Only one knee took any serious harm this time. Note to self: being very very careful when walking on ice does more harm than ignoring it completely.

The suitcase is mostly packed and presents gathered. The reservations are all confirmed and only have to arrange the pickup from the airport details with Doc, which I will do this weekend. Another week on the island - it's so close I can taste it.

The kitchen project is delayed yet again. C'est la vie. We'll be doing it when I get back. What's another month when you've been waiting 8 years - really?

My dad isn't feeling very well, kidney problems, and it seems like part of it is caused by side effects of a cholesterol medication he's been on longterm, so to make him feel better, they had to take him off the medication, which he has needed since his heart surgery, and which causes other problems. catch 22.

The sun is out again but it is still chilly enough to need gloves till the car warms up. I'll take it - at least it "looks" like it's nice out so it's easier to delude oneself when you are inside gazing out the window.

And on a positive note - I am off to work the last day of the week. Have a great weekend y'all. I am having Kory bbq roast beef with lobster at the Growleys with KD, biff girl and SKD tonight and maybe Eagles Idol Sat nite, with Scrabble on a Sunday with the Malibu and crew.

Have fun!

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