March 22, 2011

platitudes my ass.

You know those people who smugly mouth meaningless annoying pithy little phrases in response to someone's very real and heartfelt angst? Well fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

Distance does NOT make the heart grow fonder it creates an epic ongoing case of heartburn that no amount of gaviscon can even begin to take the edge off.

It creates an twisted celtic knot of rusting iron in your gut that wrenches your entire being every time you get a text and you don't not want to get the texts because they make up the rope that you are hanging onto.

You promised your old self that you would never allow HAH! yourself to go here again and yet here you are, in an even more complicated situation than you've ever been previously.

The visceral wash of joy upon hearing that voice speaking of the simply mundane spans the distance in a nanosecond leaving you breathless and wanting and you refuse to give that up even though it kills your focus and leaves you as distraught as an 8 year old who has just let go of their prized helium balloon in the middle of wascana park on canada day.

It is NOT fine.

Please grant me the favour of working through my own riotous and perhaps misguided emotional roller coaster without demeaning it and trying to make it less than it is.

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Abigail Road said...

You can FEEL the emotion in your writing here. Even though I don't understand it, I feel tingly down to my toes. Wonderful writing.

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