March 19, 2011


My baby boy is 28 today. I remember 28. I got married for the 2nd time when I was 28. He was there. He was one happy little 7 year old dude all dressed up in his tux just like the groom. We have him on video doing the fist thrust when were pronounced hitched. I gave him free reign at the buffet and he came back with an entire plate of cheese. He still loves cheese;)

He accrued 3 or 4 belts in karate, was a goalie in soccer and decided competitive fastball was not his thing. Loved kung fu but not scouts and the first book he brought home from the library was a cook book.

He finished grade 12 - on time and without interruption. He has held down a job for the most part since he was in grade 10. He is bilingual. He has a serious work ethic and a passion for both family and food. He's been cooking for a living for 7-8 years and is now THE CHEF at his restaurant Table 10.

He has taught me several things about cooking and broadened my food choices. He likes to feed people and to make the tastiest dishes out of the cheapest ingredients.

He is smart, intelligent, handsome, argumentative (in a good way most days) with a real sense of what awesome actually is.

I am very proud of him. He's turned out well despite the poor choices made by a young mom ;)

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