April 01, 2011

April the 1st

8 attempts by others to April Fools me. Epic fails all :)

I on the other hand - could not even get my grandkids - they're pretty quick on the uptake.

The countdown continues, 5 sleeps and a nap to go and I will once again be where I have always belonged even though I didn't know it til I finally got there. The suitcase is packed and I still have 13 pounds more room for stuff for my framily on the island so it's off to the dollar store for kitchen gadgetry for Anette, still looking for a whetstone for Doc, and a tap & die set for Ivan. That would be tomorrow's outing.

Tonite it's relax with a pedi to beachify the toeses, a tan, and then to dewhiten the hair, all while quaffing la vino with a few of the ladies and my fave JW. Supper with the kidlets Sunday and hopefully a java with HRH Miss PJ.

Today is clear the work off my desk day, in the vain hope that by the time I leave on Wednesday there will be only current items on my desk and no big stack when I get back.

On a side note, my adventure camera went missing at Pretty Girl's birthday party almost a month ago and yesterday it was delivered anonymously back to me via my workplace. YAY!!!! I don't care who took it or why, I am just happy to have it back in my clutches, so a BIG thanks to whomever sent it back.

The kitchen renos are set to begin around April 20 or so, my seester Patty is going to help get the 20 year old toilet seat off so I can put the new on, and frother Jeff will do the plumbing for my new kitchen sink and maybe help me fix the one in the bathroom. Then it will be Christopher week and the painting will commence. Living room, bedroom and kitchen are all getting a new coat. So by May sometime It will look like a whole new place! Then there will be a great damn party! Maybe right in time for the return of anarchy to the prairies ;) crossing my fingers!

So I hope all y'all have a magnificent weekend. It may still be chilly out, and yes it might still snow, but the morning out there is sunny and beautiful, go for a walk people, we've been trapped inside for far too long.

Big Love.

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