June 28, 2010

a Monday off

great weekend, kashmir butter chicken with Kory, nuncheon with Pretty Girl, got to catch up with some of ladies, played some scrabble with PG and Abigail, my grandson won the championship for his little league first season he played, had ice cream, spent half a day at the dotter's with the crazy crew singing cable karaoke, had a lovely lunch = some political patter and a few pints with the manchild and malibu, was on the news commenting about G20 (which I didn't actually see), and a bbq and sunshine at Davis beach with biff girl and skinny dave.

This morning - ugh! near panic attack at the denturists for impressions - have to go back next Monday. Freaked right the hell out cause I thought I was suffocating. Those ladies are not laughing at my fear now. Just 2 more minutes my ass.

Playtime this afternoon, took a walk, some reading on the deck and catching up.

Only work tomorrow and Wednesday then Devi is coming for a sleepover, a birthday and crew party Canada Day, luchin with goldie on Firday and supper with Texas Deb. I know there was something on Saturday but I've forgotten.

Have a great week everyone - get out in the sun while it's here!

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