June 26, 2010


Anyone, really anyone, who knows me will tell you I'm direct. Possibly abrupt, aggressive, and oh what was the last comment from the peanut gallery, - oh yeah " in your face all about me".

I concur with everything except the "all about me" bit, that only happens occasionally, and specifically when I make some profound discovery about myself, and I am currently in a phase of self exploration as I chase my dream of the moment so it may happen more often than not. For awhile anyway. Please note that I have worked very hard to be a good listener and I have it on good authority that I really have gotten much better at not interrupting. Please keep in mind that hardly means I've perfected the skill. For instance, you could say to me ... "you're going there again" and cut it off at the pass. Sure I might feel upset at the moment, I'm such a fragile flower, but I WILL get over it.

So for all y'all, who for some reason are withholding unexplored not-so-silent (to others) but clearly negative perceptions of me, feel free to discuss me in my absence and then profess care to my face. Really.

I call pot kettle and suggest a look into a mirror, and you might want to check your age on your birth certificate while you're at it.

Direct, aggressive and overbearing enough?


Schmutzie said...

Is this crap still going on?
I like your directness :)

dk said...

darling this crap goes on all the time at work as well as play. I know the persons this is directed at read my blog and I am hoping - faint though it is that the message gets across.

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