June 10, 2010

life changing decisions

Apparently this is my year for change. Change my hair, change my lifestyle, change my associates, change my goals, and now - perhaps - change my career.

After almost 5 decades of living I find myself considering the big step from an inscope employee to management. I know that doesn't sound like much to a lot of people but I grew up with a liberal banker father (detested unions)and bleeding heart teacher mom, and have been involved with unions,the labour movement, and general protest against the unfairness of the man since I was 12ish. Some of my greatest memories are instances of civil disobedience. I was once even hauled down to the copshop because a group of us were lying in the road entrance to a Shell station protesting apartheid. Consequences be damned it was the RIGHT thing to do. I digress.

Shortening the story. At 32 I was at a crossroads and decided that I needed a career which included a pension plan, some decent benefits, and job security. I knew that the advantage of a unionized workplace would proved me with all three as long as I was willing to do a fair day's work fr a fair day's wage. And I was lucky enough to find me such a job.

Two weeks on the job and I was shop steward - I knew you'd be surprised;) and I have remained active in my union and the broader civil rights and labour movements.

In the intervening years, while my priorities have changed, my principles have not.

Which brings me back to the knot that has been my stomach for the last 5 days while observed the whole pros and cons debacle undertaken by the many selves residing in cranium land.

Today I determined that if it is offered to me I WILL take the big step, and here are my reasons why.

1. While I wasn't actively looking for a new job, I'm quite happy with what I do now, the job description was a brick to the forehead - written just for me.
2. Maintain my pension and seniority.
3. Way. WAY more moola - for my earliest retirement.
4. A new challenge and new skills to acquire, and new people to meet.
5. A few seriously helpful benefits.
6. I would be working with a whole big group of people that I spent 7-10 years of my worklife with - YAY!

1. No union to provide job security.
2. Lose 13 days off.

So I'm in the process now, hopefully I'll get an interview and if the 100 little gods are good, I'll get the job too. It'll be weeks before I find out though.


Schmutzie said...

That's exciting! My fingers are crossed for you, lady.

JO said...

Hope you get the new job! Change is GOOD!

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