June 16, 2010

I actually did it

with several recommendations - a truly magnificent cover letter - and a whole lot of should I/shouldn't I ... I clicked the button and officially expressed my desire to become "the man".

A part of me feels like a traitor to the labour movement as a whole, another part is rationalizing that I can treat people better from that side, and a third is thinking retirement 55 is going to be that much better.


The Lost One said...

Well m'lady, you have it all summed up nicely in your blog, and I am saddened. But as you said, you have "rationalized it" very nicely. Treating people better from the "other side" is impossible, you/I/we know that. You become a part of the politico cog that tells you every breath you can take, and what you can say with it. And yes, retirement will look a whole lot better with the extra coinage that comes with the position (note, it's no longer called a "job").
But, the be all and end all, is of course, the coinage.
Please also note that, while I wish you all the best on your new endeavor if it happens for you, I am also completely shocked, and more than a little saddened by this surprise move. I know your value system, or what you have shown to me over all these years, and I truly never thought I'd ever see this day come to pass. I think you truly believed in the "little man" and all we stand for, and the Union itself and what it tries to do for the common masses. You even lectured me (more than once!) years ago about that very same thing, when I was deciding on running again for shop steward in my own P.O.B. How could I have ever thought of NOT running and thereby supporting my brothers? Hence my total surprise at this move of yours m'dear.
So, I do wish you all the luck in the world on this new direction for your life. And I'm sure that I speak for many others that know and love you when I say that we will miss you greatly! 8-(((

dk said...

Well darlin' what I have learned in 30 odd years of politicking in the labour movement is that it is NEVER so black and white as you paint it.

And in fact it isn't all about the coinage though it's certainly a huge draw.

Point is, that the job focus is the strategic managemennt of resources for the people on the front linem and improve the daily grind for over 200 people. THat isn't a rationalization - it's another reason to apply for the job. BIG BIG difference.

Having been on the other side of the fence before, I can say with confidence that moving to management shouldn't have to mean putting aside your principles and in fact you do not have to. Life may be fairly uncomfortable once in a while but what else is new?

I would think that managers whose roots stem from the labour movement should be able to improve workplace communication etc which is a benefit for everyone involved.

I only have to hope that my mouth doesn't get me into truble.

KeishaMama said...

I don't know what position you've decided to go for but agree that sometimes it's best to get out there. Not just for money, though it's a great perk, but you can change people's days or their lives in general. If you have a Walmart greeter that you see every morning and she says Welcome to Walmart, you avoid her. If that same greeter says "Good morning! Welcome to Walmart! We have a great sale going on this morning! Would your little one like a sticker or a sucker?" It isn't about the words they say but how they present them that makes a difference.

I choose who I go to at a grocery check out by their mannerism not their speed. I choose the places I go to eat, she shops I go to and the places I stay not by their prices alone but by the atmosphere and vibe. If I have a bad feeling, I don't go.

You may not be able to change the world but you can certainly lift spirits of co workers and strangers simply by being you.

I'm fortunate that I don't have to work at the moment but was fortunate to have worked with a sleep company. I was a technician and while I didn't diagnose problems like a physician I could sometimes see where the problems were (leg twitches, dropping heartrate) and mention those to the patient and the interpreting physician to help the patients sleep better. A good night's sleep makes all the difference in a good/bad day ya know. I didn't change lives but I tried to make each person's experience as good as possible. Some associates just went in for the check while I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and leave feeling like they'd spent the night in a hotel with a personal assistant.

At the end of the day it is never as simple as "Your day is what you make of it" but more of what you allow yourself to make of it. Everyone around you is there to enlighten your journey, you learn from them and grow. I think it's fantastic you've chosen to enlighten not only your journey but that of others as well. I know you'll succeed. I feel enlightened just knowing you. ;)

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