February 04, 2010


I am happy to report that I do not have the apres vacation doldrums. Nor do I have all my laundry done, but I'll get to it eventually. Timing being everything, the curse showed up Monday morning - YAY! In an attempt at waxing philosophical - better now than when I wanted to be in the ocean. I was a little sad on Monday, exhausted on Tuesday and back to work on Wednesday. Today appears to be getting better.

Man - do I have a great boss. The big year end project I was dreading that would still be waiting for my return was completely done. AND there were only 5 files waiting for me and one article to write for the quarterly.

I had supper at Amanda and Chris' and delivered the grands' presents on Monday night - psgetti and meatsauce - tasty tasty, and everyone seemed to like their gifts so all's good. Then it was over to the boy's to see him and Miss Enchanting to drop off the requested spices, etc and BrownBoy's custom made rasta hat which I am pretty sure has room for all of his dreads and room to grow. Also found out that the boyo knows the gentlemen who chatted me up on the plane on the way to paradise - most interesting and 2 thumbs up.

Anarchy got home from their trip to Cuba and Trinidad late Tuesday. I ran into Abigail at Jill's place when she came to pick up the fur babies, who BTW had jest been scooched back into the house after escaping the yard not 20 minutes before they were to be picked up. There's poor Darryl driving around in no coat with the window open trying to find Mr. Patches who had immediately headed for the hills upon gaining freedom from the yard and then did a uball right for the back door, bypassing Darryl altogether. We are all having turkey dinner tonight at Dill & Jarryl's.... mmmmmm.

Wednesday was back to work and I actually woke up happy to go there - though given half a chance I would've crawled right back into the nest of warm blankies. The only real fallout since my return is that I appear to actually get chilly now and again, my cough came back 20 minutes after landing, and my eye are dry and itchy. Need that humidity.

Spent a couple of hours over at sister Patty's yestereve, took her my rum cream ....mmm my new fave ... had a great little chat fest - started on plans to move to Jamaica and I even got a kiss from Hailey - what do you know;)

Friday it's pints at the pub, haven't made it there yet and Saturday is scrabble with the ladies and Vman's bday party at the house of pain, and I need to have a java with Chedley in there somewhere too.

Definitely not in island time any longer mon....

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