February 19, 2010

and it's Friday ... whew! made it.

Being away from work for 6 days ended up snowing me under in a blizzard of letters which in most cases is something I can plod through and catch up but this week some of those were already 7 days behind on my timeline and it was a mad but focused frenzy to get at least caught up if not ahead just a teensy bit. Thought I might have to go in on my day off but no, by quitting time yesterday the sherpa for the newsletter had been approved and printing was to commence - ON TIME no less, and the closest due date was Mar 3, except for one piece of correspondence awaiting the return of the content owner.

Then it was off to fake bake with the roomie, a delusional grab at some tropical heat that makes me feel all warm and happy, a quick pint at the pub, and a lovely visit with one of my favorite ladies to share vacation stories and catch up the last month. YAY! no more tangles though I absolutely do not like to lose any of the length I figure it's a fair trade for some manageability. I have been assured that the demi will tone down a bit over the next couple of weeks and the beach hair will reappear, I'm sure along with the white roots ;)

A return to the pub after girl time saw Canada win the hockey game, another gold in speed skating and raucous crew having a fair good time. More people for me to catch up with and a quiet glass of wine with my flat mate Deb.

All in all - a damn fine day.

Today - well - sort of up in the air. I should do a load of laundry - but there are 3 days in this weekend. I should go grab some groceries. I should do a number of things but I think today is on island time so I'll just sashay along and see what adventures present themselves.

like the pocket buddha says - peace y'all

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