February 13, 2008

winter wonderland

... so long as you aren't trying to drive a vehicle or walk anywhere Hah! By the hundred little gods it's white out there. At least the temperature isn't too bad though it'll be frosty tonight and tomorrow.

Damn, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 8am to do the post-op with my surgeon ... think I better put in a time call for the taxi this evening.

I had run out of several grocery items and determined that I would make a foray to the grocery store this morning. Stretch the knee a bit you know. DUMB DUMB DUMB. By the time I had worked my way to the frozen food section I wanted to grab a bag of peas and duct tape them to my knee. I also discovered that it is extremely difficult to determine where curbs are, even WITH the cane, when there is 12 inches of snow covering everything. Oh yes, and just how did I think I was getting the freaking bags up the stairs ???? so I paid the cab driver to do it, though he grumbled all the way about not being a delivery service, at least they made it to the house and I could drag them down the longhall to the kitchen.

The savory scent of home made spaghetti sauce is wafting through the office now, and it is making me hungry. Patience, it needs to simmer a few hours to be really tasty.

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all


Schmutzie said...

Please accept this award:

wench said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pocket.Buddha said...

I found a spaghetti sauce recipe the other day that had vodka in it, I want to try making it.

ps, I am glad you got your groceries up, next time keep in mind that I am a half block away, just call and either knuckle_toes or I will be right over, that'll save you money and having to listen to grumpy taxi drivers

wench said...

you are so sweet! and I will do that. Red wine is much better than vodka for the sauce but I hadn't any ;)

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