February 22, 2008


My knee keeps itching on the outside which it should not be doing at this point. I took a loofa to it in the shower (no baths yet as I don't think I'll be able to get up and out) and lo and behold what do I find? A white surgical stitch embedded in the skin. Now they told me that the stitches were dissolving ones - really. However I did rip a stitch out when I woke up before they got the throat tube out, at which point I ENTIRELY freaked right out on the table since I thought I was suffocating/dying and was trying to yell arms waving and pull tubes and get off the table and trying to kick people - and it apparently took 3 people to hold me down until they could get some more sleepy juice into my system.
The point being that this must be the emergency fix it up stitch that I have found. Today is 1 month since the surgery and neither doctors, surgeons nor physiotherapists (ALL who have had a better view of my knee up close and personal) ever mentioned having to have it removed. After a consultation with the professor it was off to the medicinal cabinetry, find the puller outers and with a few good yanks, voila, I set it free.
I need to get out of this house. It's been a rough couple of days and I need to see some sunshine. Handy cane and I, along with the professor are going out to find some sunshine, maybe share a greasewheel and ponder the magnificence of the bubbles at the bottom of a genius. It has been too long.


savia said...

Sounds like both you and I could use a field trip.

wench said...

no shit sherlock.

Abigail Road said...

After my last leg surgery, Aaron noticed that there was something blue INSIDE my scar. We got tweezers and pulled at it, and it wouldn't budge. It looked like one of those blue clothes that you use in kitchens. I went to the doctor, and he didn't know what it was and just told me to leave it alone, because there was actually a HOLE in the scar. So I left it alone, and now I fear that a piece of blue rag is trapped under my skin.

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