February 12, 2008

savia's revenge ;)

In return for tagging my friend Saviabella with the 7 strange or weird list she has tagged me with the following:
Pick up the nearest book at least 123 pages in length. Go to page 123, find the 5th sentence and post the next 3 sentences.

Selected Prose: T.S.Eliot
The 6th sentence begins on page 123, included its entirety;
"One is when we isolate him, when we try to understand the rules of his own game, adopt his own point (end of page, flipping to 124), of view; the other, perhaps less usual, is when we measure him by outside standards, most pertinently by the standards of language and of something called Poetry, in our own language and in the whole history of European literature.

All good things for the Savia as she undergoes jaw surgery in toontown! Now I am off to Tag some others and spread the wealth.

That girl
Pop Culture Sculpture


Abigail Road said...

haha, beat ya to it.

Zach and I are going out east...to see Cloudesley and strippers in Montreal. Unless we decide to go west to see his grandparents and my friends on the coast.

wench said...

That is so cool - I loves takin the train. All the way to Halifax once - at christmas - with all the homeward bound newfies from the rigs. Freaking Hi-Lar_i_ous! You'll have a blast.

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