February 08, 2008

7 random or weird things about the wench

my friend schmutzie tagged me with this

The rules are as follows:

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  • 7 random or weird things about the wench
    1. MMmmmm, peanut butter on hot dogs.
    2. Alias: empress of organized clutter.
    3. I am revising my kitchen reno plans once again.
    4. I am very proud of my sister Patty.
    5. I broke my arm on the first day of summer holidays at the end of grade two. I had this clunkity plaster cast all summer. I saved the cast, took it to school for "Show & Tell" but wore it at school for 2 weeks before I was caught. I was 7.
    6. I think my most vulnerable weakness is needing to be needed. I find it very hard to say no.
    7. Having read several comments from respected sources, I am reintroducing the use of Capital letters. For those who know, thanks for the suggestions.

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    Abigail Road said...

    i will get on it, as soon as I get some sleep and take care of the bun-bun.

    wench said...

    no P) sweets.

    savia said...

    And to repay you, here's a tag!

    The game is to

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    * Open the book to page 123.
    * Find the fifth sentence.
    * Post the next three sentences.
    * Tag five people.

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