April 24, 2007


the weekend was wonderful. no time for the computer (friends and family are aghast- what's wrong with her?) danced my way through 420, went to the IMAX for the first time on Saturday with the AmandaChris crew. it was chilly and a nasty wind first thing in the morning but the shows were awesome. devi and seth and i were kept jumping in our seats as the underwater world unfolded before us. the moon jellies and the fried egg jellyfish were the best parts. and poor seth, 2 minutes before the end of the cowboy movie puked on the floor. there's a 24 hour bug going around their school, and he says the popcorn smell set him off, poor little guy. but 15 minutes later he was ready to play at the kid park they have at the science center.

then it was off to a deck for lunch with Stacey and the crew - and true to our saskatchewan natures, wind or no wind, it was bacon and eggs on the deck. gotta love the fresh air. played phone tag with deb and never did manage to catch up with her, but played canasta with Lu in the evening. Sunday was the never ending groceries and laundry. and i actually managed to finish organizing my room - sort of ... many phone calls, a few chats with neighbours on my walk, all in all a great weekend off.

Monday: what can i say - we are 3 admins down in the office and we only have 3. even the back up for the back up is MIA. so we are all chipping in and doing for ourselves, it's a learning experience that only makes us appreciate all their work even more. women wherever you are, we hope you are doing well.

so now it's tuesday, another busy one... lots to do and hopefully i can catch up to deb after work today. a most brilliant day to everyone.

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abigailroad said...

And a brilliant day to you as well.

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