April 19, 2007

the haircut ...

I have been dithering for several months now about cutting my hair. why am I dithering? I am not a ditherer, I am decisive and enjoy acting on my decisions and seeing the results. I used to dye my hair "pick a colour" every 3 months or so - and to perm, shave, shag, mushroom, afro, tail, mullet, curl it was a regular thing. I realized that it has been almost 20 years since I have done anything more drastic than accidentally put a one inch wide white streak into it (hair dresser's fault - knew I shouldn't trust them) 7 years ago. It's been as short as shoulder length a few times but otherwise just long and even. and boring. but it never bothered me. now it does. it's getting curlier and keep getting these nasty little knots in the back hairline under the fall of hair and it catches and wraps itself up in whatever jewellery I'm wearing (I Love shiny stuff), it gets caught on my cigarette, in my mouth/eyes, in car windows, on shrubbery branches, and by the hands of smallish children.

don't take this wrong, I'm not actually complaining just listing for myself the various reasons why I might have wanted to cut it. I have really heavy thick hair, that achieved natural curliness in my mid 30s (before that it was straight then a little wavy) my girlfriends are of 2 schools: once you are 40 you should have short hair because it suits an older woman (WHAT!!! kind of traditionalist crap is that?) and the other which is: long hair is beautiful at any age, and after all the work to get it grown out and all the same length why would you throw all that effort away? (who's throwing it away. my hair grows pretty quickly. it's just a change ...) so everyone's opinions didn't really help me make my decision.

I loved my long hair, so Tuesday on my way home from work I went to Snax and Greg cut it.

Wow - is it short . . . and curly. the wind on my neck gives me actual goosebumps and shivers.

and I adore it. I just visualized all the old crap I've been carrying around as the swaths of hair that were drifting towards the floor. when I walk it moves with ME, not with the WIND. it's light, it's fun, it makes me feel like an 8 year old. it was a need fed that I didn't know I had. let it go let it go let it go.

so now I have SASSY hair. who hoo!

(and it doesn't hurt that everyone who's seen it likes it, and in some cases raved about it! stroke that ego, it's been lonely)

2 days later - still lovin' it - easy to style - fast to dry ( had to buy a hairblower with a diffuser though - but my Shopper's Optimum points paid for that!) and I have had some time to think about it. then it hit me ...

so the latest and greatest in empowering practices to hit the mobsteria is "the secret". in shortest terms - "be careful what you ask for". the philosophy is based on the Law of Attraction. What you do, think, say and believe have consequences and those consequences will have the same nature as the original act, thought, word and belief.

it's about positivity. if you think of everything in negative terms, you are drawing negativity to you, and vice versa. so here I was hanging onto something that was doing nothing for me but weighing me down - in SO many ways more than just the hair. In shedding the top weight I invite the bottom weight to go elsewhere too. I also shed remnants of old relationships where they wanted me to keep my hair long and the deep rooted (haha) memories of years of living in a manner that I detested. I opened a new door to freshness and light and invited it into the rest of my existence.

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KeishaMama said...

I think it's awesome! Now we need some new pics!!!! :D

I had been thinking about cutting my having my hair cut...or doing it myself as I tend to do. I get bored and either dye my hair random colors or I cut it for no known reason. I have a really long face so it does look better when I keep my hair long but it's so much maintenance and I get soooo bored with it. I'd rather have it permed, wash it, slap on some gel, poof it a little and go. Kinda like the first pic here http://www.about-hairstyles.com/medium_hairstyles.html
only in Apricot

Now you have me thinking about it again LOL!!!!!

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