April 09, 2007

good thursday tired monday

whew! i am just freakin exhausted and rambling and just a tad testy. for the first time at my job i woke up and DID NOT want to go to work. work sucks. it requires me to leave the warmth and comfort of my bednest. it pushes me to washmyhairbrushmyteethfindsocksthatmatch, feedthecat, findmyIDanddglassesandpacklunch, eat some yogurt and roll.

into cold below zero, grey haze windy as winnipeg, dust swirling gritty funnels that fling their remains at you just when you finally open your eyes to a despondent morning. strangers being all happy as you trudge toward your destination muttering all the way (more like muted whining actually).

what is the matter with me? i am just coming off four days off work.

thurs & fri were good - chilled out, did a bunch of work on the pc, listened to my tunes LOUD, visited with friends, did a little shopping at Walmart - NEVER GO ON A STAT, and had a Big Mac. even got ready to go down to the pub friday nite, used the curling iron .... and by the time I was finished flicking the last tendril into place i didn't feel like going anywhere. so I watched surfer movies with the blessing of the green.

Sat - groceries ... UGH! why doesn't the sore have what I want? why can't someone figure out how to make honey dipped lemon busters that aren't full of sugar? why do old people run over your feet with their carts and NOT BOTHER TO APOLOGIZE! and why won't the mother of that child stop it from running amok, up and down the aisles, knocking stuff of shelves ... my god $411 on groceries !!! so much for the pub. push em around the store, load em into the car, unload em onto the steps - thank the hundred little gods the boy showed up and hauled most of them up the stairs or i would have been there till tuesday. then put them away while simultaneously cleaning off counters, kicking angus out of the way and cleaning out the fridge, emptying the garbage and deciding on what i will be having for supper.

the bbq is out of propane. %^$#!#%^$#@!!@$%%$#!~!#@#$ bran muffin

pack up pillows and jammies and the camera/acc and the defrosted humongous turkey, and all of the stuff for the grands and then wait outside on the cold windy deck for 45 minutes in the cold because my ride is never late until today.

gets loads of hugs and kisses from the kidlets and feel better. do more stuff. won at scrabble. coloured eggs and made beaded jewellery for everyone. spend 2-3 hours in bunny preparations.

7 am sharp the little fiends were waking me up telling me what the Easter bunny brought them.. oh oh ... they found it already and the parents aren't up yet. all their hard work brought to naught. not happy campers. watch the kids stuff themselves with sugar, the wind up has begun and then it's scooter time. under 15 minutes, still wobbling as they go with a 2 foot pixie stick in one hand and they were starting the "tricks" they'd seen on TV.

supper was delicious.

popped over to Lu's, and installed a couple of programs for her and showed her how to use torrents, coffee and I actually won the first game of canasta in a week, and i only had one load of laundry. home around 10pm. finished turkey and barley soup and spent until after 2am trying to get to sleep.

which is why at 6am, I hit the snooze for an extra hour and STILL had to drag my ass out of bed.

it's been a good day though :)

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