April 02, 2007

20 sentences

my friend abigail found this interesting idea on Saviabella's "blog, inspired ~ she wrote her own list. now it's my turn. The idea is to write twenty sentences about twenty different anonymous people. No Names. things you need to get out, good bad or indifferent. it's spring, clean house.

1. sharp tongue, sharper intellect, sharpest creativity. chase your dream. i am wherever you are.

2. grow new memories to replace those that were lost or those that you no longer want. grow the future and let go of the past before it kills you. i will always love you.

3. you loved me better than any other and you let me go, dignity intact. thank you for the gift.

4. your friendship is better than donna cake. layers of sweet and tart, with the luxury of real whipping cream. . . just exactly right.

5. you lived a heart lie so i had to leave, and a harder thing i have never done.

6. with laughter & tears, your uncompromising ethics are a path i try to follow. you deserve better. i wish i could give it to you.

7. your assumption that i was aware of all the details was the first knife thrust. your inability to get past it near killed us. thank the hundred little gods that you are growing up in the time between then and now. if we are lucky our children do that to us.

8. i love you, you have a great heart. you made mistakes and refused to learn from them because it was too hard to look yourself in the mirror. your shield against the world was brittle and instead of allowing someone else to break in, you broke out. remember that those who hurt you deepest are often the ones that love you the most. that is why it pains you so.

9. i think you are beautiful inside and out. elegance with a razor edge. if only you could see you the way i do. you lead me down strange and powerful paths littered with the detritus of the world's greatest.

10. i regret that you do not think that i was a good enough friend. i miss you. please understand that you are not the only one who gets fucked up.

11. your company is a release - infinite encouragement meets unconditional care. i am so lucky that you are my friend. thank you for all the myriad help through the years and allowing me to be exactly who i am without any kind of pretense.

12. you ground my children's hearts to dust. several lack lustre attempts to irrigate fallow fields followed. let them go unburdened

13. my hero and my nemesis. you still don't really understand me but now you are my friend.

14. why do you continue to destroy yourself piece by piece? do you realize you're killing us too? please stop.

15. every time i see you, you tell me i'm beautiful and i just do not see it. but you are.

16. few of the friends of my youth survived. every time i see you, it opens the door to so many great memories, like the sun after the rain.

17. to be included was everything i needed, thanks.

18. you've been gone so long and it seems like yesterday. the tears just don't end.

19. thank you for releasing the geek in me.

20. you are a shrivel hearted miser whose self loathing poisons everything you touch.


abigailroad said...

Writing that list, really is a release. I recommend it to everybody.

Schmutzie said...

Excellent list, I must say.

wench said...

well tahanks girls - I certainly felt lighter after I was done. It took me about 2 weeks to really think about it though.

Anonymous said...


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