February 17, 2007

what time is it?

you wake up in the dark and the alarm clock says 6:30 but you're not quite sure if that's am or pm because you may not have been all that together when you reset it after kicking the electrical cord out of the socket after the cat tripped you on your way around the bed. that's how I felt yesterday. my circadian rhythms seem a tad off kilter. to get them back in order i have stayed up all night and will not nap today so that when i go to bed at 11pm (note to self: remember to check the clock) I will sleep right through until 7am (provided i don't cough myself awake)... that's the plan anyhow.

so i am trying to figure out how to burn an avi onto a dvd so that i can watch it on my TV. i always meant to do this and just never seemed to get "aroundtuit" (had one years ago but it was used as a coaster). First thing i tried was super dvd creator which seemed to preview the movie then hang - maybe i wasn't patient enough. now i'm burning an ISOd movie to see if that works using nero. then i'll go back to learning how to convert the video/audio files when/where required.

i need someone to explain lens attributes to me. apparently my camera will take monochrome pics (nat. geo. photo article) - now i just have to figure out which button/setting/freaking menu option will do the trick. then i need to investigate how to convert to B&W in photoshop (borrowed lu's book). i still haven't played with my tablet yet (can you believe i've had it since december and haven't tried the pen yet?) and there's to much static for me to be mucking about changing out the power supply and the RAM in the tower.

i have this little singing flower doll - squeeze her hand and she sings zippity do dah (several of my friends share this burden) anyway, i carry so much static that a couple of days ago, i turned on my light switch my finger tip lit up like ET with an audible SNAP and it set the damn doll to singing. a little unexpected but stranger things have happened with me and electricity. it happened again later that day and I do have a witness. got out of bed yesterday, which puts me oh - about 3 feet away from the doll - the damn things starts singing and then immediately slows down and drags it out as if someone flipped a record from 45 to 78, and that has now happened three times. guess i'm a cosmic wireless battery :)

enjoy the weekend!

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