February 13, 2007

laughter doesn't make me sick today ~ WHOHOO!

well I finished my last (3rd) round of antibiotics this morning. I am feeling ALOT better than I was a week ago but I am still hacking. %^&#$@! I am so tired of being sick. at least the earache has been gone now since Saturday. back to the doc tomorrow. heavy sigh ...

on another topic entirely: we were having a discussion of what a "proper" marriage proposal should be, and my kids (son 24 & daughter 27) gave me a couple of ideas. the girl expects some romance in the proposal, whether the couple has been cohabiting or not, and the lack of any attempt at romance is construed as being taken for granted. the boy on the other hand, came up with one that made me just freakin' howl. a marriage proposal means: "please don't let me die desperate and alone, I brought you something shiny." it's bloody brilliant!

we do need to keep in mind that though i am a romantic at heart, through age and experience i've evolved into a practical realist with just a dash of the romantic. what does that mean? it means that i believe in the state of marriage, but i see it as a contract for mutual support by two people that may or may not be based on love, but actually works better if the couple are friends that care deeply for one another. i'll take heart love over romantic love any day. and no i do not think that makes me a cynic.


abigailroad said...

I agree with your son, and your daughter. A proposal really should have a little bit of romance and a little bit a reality.
Great entry.

KeishaMama said...

I love the "i brought you something shiny" Loved it! I never got an official proposal. We knew we were going to get married one day and from the beginning we always planned in the back of our mind. It, of course, went NOTHING like we planned but it was the thought that counted. :D

dk said...

you girls are absolutely right - but damn that'd funny. i love shiny things :) cheers

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