February 02, 2007

friday morning ...

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. got caught up on my daily tasks yesyerday. though I know there are several letters that will claim my attention this morning, I may yet get to some of the project work I have planned. it's funny, we were talking about stress a few days ago and I had made the comment that my job doesn't stress me, yet here I am sort of whining about workload... I think what I meant was that the stress I encounter at work now, is good stress - it challenges me. it isn't the old "bad stress" that I've lived through in several other jobs.

bad stress happens when you are on the edge of burn out. it interferes with your whole life - it affects your eating and sleeping patterns and makes you generally a more nasty individual. you become negative in your attitude and very little makes you happy. you lose the ability to be truly grounded because your foundation is busy peeling & cracking like 50 year old paint on a prairie farmhouse.

I am SO glad that I don't live THERE anymore. have a great weekend!

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