April 27, 2010

external negativity be damned (avoid if looking for something positive)

Okay, I've had it. In 3 months I have had enough externally negative events impugn upon my awareness that the slide back into "I don't give a fuck land" was already halfway completed before I realized I was in motion.

I had previously lost about 42 pounds from the beginning of Jan to about the 3rd week in March and was feeling FABULOUS about it. Then things started to go downhil and the comfort eating started to kick back in and I have now gained bac 20 of those blasted pounds. Yeah - that makes me really happy.

Yes people die. But dammit, three which will likely be 4 by the end of this week between 52 and 30yrs - c'mon.... and I had no IDEA the reaction I would have to the last one - by the 100 little gods what a mess! Talk about non-closure issues after 25 years.

Work has has sucked harder than the gravity on Venus with the recurring cough/flue/crap/knee/ankle just kill me now stupid shit until the last two weeks where I have finally managed to catch up - YEAH!

And then there is the dealing with the lawyer, and putting out more $$ to protect my own investment - which is also entirely my own damn fault.

And other friends who are so afraid getting burned again they they refuse to take any kind of risk for happiness now, even though that is what they want.

And the car started to make a weird noise yesterday


Suzi Q said...

"Work has has sucked harder than the gravity on Venus..."

I'm sorry but that made me laugh, and I agree. My work has been filled with disgusting incompetence and just an overall waste of my time lately, to say the least.

Schmutzie said...

I'm coming to expect avalanches of the crap now and again, but I'm also learning to expect avalanches of the good, which you SO deserve right now. I hope a heap falls on your shortly. Negativity be damned, is right!

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