April 28, 2010

day of mourning

April 28th is the annual day of mourning for workers who lost their lives on the job, and I send my best out to all the survivors. Workplaces are supposed to safeguard their employees as valuable resources, and some do not. There are the freak accidents but more commonly it happens because someone is not paying enough attention. Please be aware of the dangers in the environment you are working in and if it is not safe see your occupational health an safety committee member, it is your RIGHT.

On another note entirely, my 2nd marriage would have been 20 years old today.

Man have I come a long way.


The Lost One said...

I second your sentiments on the Day of Mourning Lady DK. Having lost friends who were on the job, I know the feeling firsthand, and it's not a good feeling at all! Because of management not replacing a pressure valve because of "the money it would cost", one young man of 19 is dead, crushed by a huge door blasting open when the gauge said 0 pressure. But it was wrong and he was crushed between the door and a wall. And no safety committee to even report the problem to, no Union to help him out. The company was investigated and found negligent, and fined for their lack of action. Thankfully they went out of business some short years later, I do not even remember the name of the company anymore. But almost 35 years ago now, and the memory of him is still with me, haunting me forever. Sad, so very sad.

Or another young man who needed a ladder to reach something very high for someone, up on a shelf almost 20 feet high. But a shortage of ladders prompted him to climb the shelves at 5 pm, and he fell, crushing his skull on the concrete below. He would have survived though, had management done their final building check before closing for the night. But it was Friday night and everyone wanted to get home ASAP. Management just assumed that all the staff were gone, they all knew that closing time was 5 pm. So nobody found him until Monday morning, he had already bled to death on that cold concrete floor, all alone, waiting for help that never came. The doctors said that he would have survived, had he received prompt medical attention. Now there are a few more ladders available, it only took a young man losing his life for management to finally bend to the "unreasonable" wishes of the staff, to give them more safety equipment to work with. So very very sad! So as a plea to all you nice folks that have a Union or a Safety Committee, please use them if you have a concern at work. It could be the difference between returning to work the next day, or someone, including yourself, being killed at work! Don't depend on management to do the right thing, use your Union and/or Safety Committee to "make it right".

And yet another young man, while driving a cab, was killed by 4 "animals" who wanted a free ride, his car, his money and his life. They got all of the above, but not for long. The police recovered his money and his cab, but the killers got the free ride, sort of. The police however, could not retrieve his life from them, and they barely got a slap on the wrist for their actions. Again, so very sad. People just doing their job, killed for no good reason at all except the greed of some and the abuse of alcohol and drugs of all his killers. I did not know him well, but I do know that it could have been me that had gotten his fare that night. It could be me now lying in the cold, cold earth instead of him. Makes you sit back and wonder how lucky we are to be writing this now!

And on another comparative note, my first wedding would be 33 years old next month, and my second hitching was 23 years old last Feb. You are way behind m'lady, but please don't try and catch up, ok! LOL!

Your friend, for as long as I'm allowed to be,
The Lost One

dk said...

man my first wedding was 32 years ago ... holy carumba. I hadn't even thought of that.

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